rairie Oaks Farm is a small sustainable grass farm in southwest Wisconsin. The operation is diverse including livestock, lumber sales and savanna reclamation research. Our aim is to farm in a holistic manner with stewardship that respects the land and leaves it in better condition.

Our livestock operation provides ourselves, our family and our friends with a low fat/low cholesterol, hormone-free meat product that is naturally produced, from animals that are allowed to mature in a natural and unconfined way. We also provide replacement heifers to existing or startup herds. Scottish Highland cattle are known for their ability to survive in the rough Scottish Highlands where grazing is limited. In spite of moderate feed quality, the highland breed has the ability to finish on grass providing a rich lean good-tasting beef product. We also like the Highland breed for their ease in birthing, good mothering abilities and for their mild temperament as evidenced by both the cows and the bulls.

We have over 100 acres of timber/savanna on the farm and are slowly harvesting timber as part of the savanna reclamation work and as trees mature. Trees are selectively cut and skidded using a small tractor skidder to minimize damage. The saw logs are either taken to a local saw mill or sawed on site with a portable bandsaw mill. The lumber is naturally air-dried for two to three years before sale.

Prairie Oaks Farm is located in an area that was an oak savanna prior to about 1840. Using the cattle, fire and mechanical means, our goal is to return the appropriate area to a savanna structure. As part of this effort, we are working with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the University of Wisconsin Madison and Platteville campuses on several research projects. We are supplying our cattle to the effort on the DNR property and working with 32 acres on our farm.