he beef we offer to you is naturally raised, with the welfare of the cattle being our major goal. The animals are outside on pasture all year with hay being fed in the winter. They are allowed the freedom to express normal behavior while being free from stress, fear, distress, hunger, thirst and confinement. We do not use growth hormones or feed any antibiotics. Vaccinations are given routinely and we do resource our veterinarian for any specific problems that may arise. The steers that provide the beef have the time to grow and mature, and are 24-30 months old at the time of butchering. The meat you get has been taken directly from our farm to the locker, there are no dealers, and livestock markets, feedlots, wholesalers or traders involved.

You have the choice of buying by the quarter or side if you have the freezer room. We also offer 20 and 40 pound boxes of assorted cuts. Prices are for cut, wrapped and labeled frozen meat that has been appropriately aged. The product is available for pick at the farm.

As a small producer, our supply varies so please email us for current availability and prices.